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Kid’s Campus strives to hire the best trained staff

And to offer continuing education support to ensure all our staff keep pace with the highest State educational standards for child care professionals.

Our Owner

Yomi Badmus-Mumuni

Yomi Badmus-Mumuni is always passionate about children, and her interest in early childhood education led her to open a daycare center at her home. Before then, she ventured into banking and finance, but her heart was always in childcare. So, she became engrossed in meeting the requirements for starting a childcare center and procuring necessary materials. It took about a year after beginning her journey in running childcare before she established Crèche N Crew in her basement in 2008.

Crèche N Crew started with two children referred by close friends and family. The two children increased to seven and then many more. Yomi’s focus and dedication combined with a strong curriculum made the children well-rounded: reading well above their age levels, articulating themselves, and even enjoying memory verses, which made her proud. The children’s advancements in reading and math at very early stages surprised many parents who became the referral assets for Creche N Crew.

With Crèche N Crew thriving, it was tempting to expand beyond the basement of her house. But Yomi’s other priority was her young children, and once they went to college, she knew it was time to open a center.

COVID pandemic accelerated the need for expansion.  For children not to fall behind, in-person learning became a crucial supplement to virtual education necessitated by the pandemic. Requests for childcare also rose among parents who are essential workers.  The increased demand was exciting. Sadly, Creche N Crew had reached its capacity.  Then the opportunity came when Kid’s Campus, one of the biggest preschools with the Pre-K grant in Calvert County, became available for sale when its owner accepted an academic appointment. Yomi jumped at the opportunity.

Yomi brings her original passion to Kid’s Campus. Her primary focus remains the children’s well-rounded education and the sustenance of Kid’s Campus tradition of excellence. Kid’s Campus will remain a community of parents, teachers, and staff working together to protect the children enrolled at the institution.

Yomi is a person of faith who relies daily on God’s direction.  She firmly believes that with God’s help, Kid’s Campus will thrive still. This attitude of hard work and belief have earned Yomi commendation from parents and accolades from various county and state educational organizations.