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Our Professionals

The Maryland Child Care Credential is a voluntary program for staff that recognizes child care providers who go beyond the requirements of State licensing and regulations. There are six credential levels, each one recognizing a child care provider’s achievement of a specified number of training hours, years of experience and professional activities which lead to quality child care. Participating staff complete training in specialized topic areas to develop the knowledge and skills they need to provide the highest quality care for the children and families they serve. Most of our staff are credentialed at level 4 or higher.

We have a mix of teachers, some with more than 20 years of experience in child care, and younger professionals, several who are attending college while working at Kid’s Campus. Some of our teachers have either an Associate’s, or a Bachelor’s degree or are currently pursuing Master’s degrees in education. Kid’s Campus generously provides financial assistance to many of our staff by paying directly for their continuing education classes, or for those working to complete a degree.

All Kid’s Campus teachers are credentialed through the Maryland State Department of Education and every staff member is hired only after being fingerprinted and passing a law enforcement background check. They all take continuing education course work and maintain certification in CPR and First Aid.

We are very proud that several of our staff have earned a degree while working at Kid’s Campus and have advanced to become public school teachers in local schools. It’s not just the little ones we’re helping!

    Kid’s Campus philosophy recognizes the talents and abilities of all students. Our staff have experience working with children with unique health care needs, allergies, and special needs. We work with parents on the specific needs your child may have and how we can accommodate young learners in classrooms with their peers.

    We also conduct developmental screenings on children beginning in infancy through age 5 to determine if children are meeting developmental milestones. We help families’ access referrals with specialists for developmental testing and service resources if needed. Kid’s Campus also attends IEP meetings at your school through parent invitation, helping ensure a continuum of care across the child’s day.

    What accreditation means for your child…

    Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

    For more information visit the MSDE website.

    Kid’s Campus is proud to have earned recognition by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) as an Accredited Early Learning Center. Recognition of KID’S CAMPUS educational programs by MSDE means we “…represent the highest quality and reflect research-based, best practices in early childhood education,” according to the MSDE accreditation website.

    According to the MSDE, “…children benefit from accreditation because their learning environments are exciting, positive, and growth-oriented. Parents of young children benefit from this process because their children are enrolled in stimulating learning environments that reflect the research and best practices of the field. Early care and education programs benefit because their services are publicly recognized as being of the highest caliber. Local school systems benefit from this process because accredited programs increase the chances for young children to be better prepared to enter public school primary grades.”

    MSDE Website

    Kid’s Campus participates in Maryland EXCELS Quality Rating & Improvement System.

    According to MSDE, when you choose a program that participates in Maryland EXCELS, you are guaranteed of two things:

    1. The program has achieved a quality rating based on nationally recognized standards and best practices that exceed state licensing requirements;
    2. The program is committed to continuous quality improvement and is supported by Maryland EXCELS.

    Our center is recognized by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education for inclusive practices in early learning.  Our staff have twice been featured in videos produced by Johns Hopkins faculty for professional development training on best practices.

    For more information on our relationship with Johns Hopkins, you can go here: