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Four & Five Year Old Program

In the Four/Five Year Old Program at Kid’s Campus, your child will continue to learn the skills necessary to provide them with an early foundation to success at their next venture in education.  Our programs are designed to get children ready to learn entering either public or private school with a natural intrinsic desire and to have the confidence to become a successful learner.

Your child will receive positive reinforcement and reminders of socially responsible behaviors.  Children in this age group will begin conflict resolution skills to help them to work through their problems with peers.

Early Literacy and math skills will continue to be taught and tailored to the individual child’s skill level and needs.  Letter recognition and phonemic awareness will be emphasized to aid your child in their quest to become successful readers.  Teachers will continue to read to your child, ask questions about the story, and have your child anticipate what might happen next—all techniques to help your child enjoy reading.

Fine Motor and writing skills will be encouraged through the use of art, drawing, cutting, as well as practice in hand writing and letter formation.  Children in this age may begin to write the alphabet and even their name.

Many of opportunities to develop gross motor activity will be offered including music and movement, climbing, running, jumping, throwing, swinging and balancing.  The children will enjoy playing on our playground professionally designed for these types of activities.

Math will continue to be taught through various methods depending upon the individual skill level of the child. Rote counting, sorting, color, shape, size differentiation and numeral recognition, and one-to-one correspondence will take place.  The classroom will contain manipulatives such as blocks, puzzles, tactile numbers, sorting and counting materials to make these lessons fun and dynamic.  Our classroom materials were carefully selected for an early learning center.

Your child’s language skills will continue to increase as staff model prepositional phrases (above, below, inside, outside, underneath), adjectives, and adverbs.  Teachers will provide simple 3-4 part instructions and continue to ask questions.  Teachers will clearly articulate words to aid children in their pronunciation.

Infant Care

Kid’s Campus infant room staff are specifically trained and qualified in the care of infants and toddlers.

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Toddler Care

Our toddler program will guide your child as they begin to gain their own independence.

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2 Year Olds

Our two-year old program will guide your child as they assert and build on learning their independence.

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3 & 4 Year Olds

A child in this phase is now becoming more self-sufficient.

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4 & 5 Year Olds

Learning the skills necessary to provide them with an early foundation to success at their next venture in education.

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Part Time Pre-School

We offer a Part-Time Preschool Programs five days a week for children age 4 to 5 years old for the September to May time frame.

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Before & After School Care

To aid parents in getting children off to school in the morning and providing care for them after school lets out.

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Full Time Summer Care

Full Time Summer Care for school-aged children is offered first to children already registered in the Before/After Care Program.

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