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Three & Four Year Old Program

A child in this phase is now becoming more self-sufficient.  Significant gains in dressing/undressing, washing/drying hands, brushing teeth and even putting on shoes are occurring.  Our trained staff will aid your child in listening and language development by providing simple instructions, asking questions, offering choices, using descriptive language, and by modeling correct grammar and verb tenses.

Your child is also developing stronger social awareness, learning to share, desiring to help others, expressing their needs more, and understanding socially acceptable forms of behavior.

Literacy and math readiness skills are practiced in our program at Kid’s Campus as we give children opportunities to recognize letters, develop phonemic awareness, and explore books and tactile letters.  Teachers will read to your child, sing, recite nursery rhymes and poetry—all beginning steps to literacy development.

The children are also given opportunities to build with blocks, differentiate between shapes and sizes, practice with puzzles, colors, sorting, and counting—all beginning steps to math readiness.  Plenty of manipulative material will be located around the classroom for your child to explore and develop these skills.  These are learning essentials which go beyond basic child care or day care, and are the fundamentals of school readiness.

As a child’s body grows and develops their fine motor skills will begin to improve.  Your child will pridefully bring home art work that they have created.  They will begin to draw and/or color which are beginning stages to writing.  They will also explore with age appropriate and safe scissors to begin the steps to cutting.

As always snack, bathroom & hand-washing opportunities, and rest time are provided.  Children will begin to understand and anticipate the daily routine of the classroom and look forward to returning each day.

Infant Care

Kid’s Campus infant room staff are specifically trained and qualified in the care of infants and toddlers.

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Toddler Care

Our toddler program will guide your child as they begin to gain their own independence.

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2 Year Olds

Our two-year old program will guide your child as they assert and build on learning their independence.

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3 & 4 Year Olds

A child in this phase is now becoming more self-sufficient.

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4 & 5 Year Olds

Learning the skills necessary to provide them with an early foundation to success at their next venture in education.

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Part Time Pre-School

We offer a Part-Time Preschool Programs five days a week for children age 4 to 5 years old for the September to May time frame.

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Before & After School Care

To aid parents in getting children off to school in the morning and providing care for them after school lets out.

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Full Time Summer Care

Full Time Summer Care for school-aged children is offered first to children already registered in the Before/After Care Program.

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